Herb, Incense & Oil Magic

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
By Scott Cunningham
Softcover, 323 pages

 Herbal Magick
By Gerina Dunwich
Softcover, 240 pages

By Richard Alan Miller
Softcover, 19 pages

 Making Magickal Incenses & Ritual Perfumes
By Keith Morgan
Softcover, 50 pages

 Incense Magick
By Carl F. Neal
Softcover, 145 pages

 Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils
By Anna Riva
Softcover, 174 pages


Solomon, Goetia & Enochian Magick

The Book of Solomon's Magick
By Carrol poke
Softcover, 233 pages

 The Key to Solomon's Key
By Lon Milo Duquette
Softcover, 207 pages

 The Lesser Key of Solomon
By Joseph H. Peterson
Softcover, 284 pages

 Illustrated Goetia
By Lon Milo Duquette
Softcover, 236 pages

 A Modern Goetic Grimoire
By Rufus Opus
Softcover, 149 pages

Enochian Magic for Beginners
By Donald Tyson
Softcover, 384 pages

Angel Magic
By Geoffrey James
Softcover, 193 pages

 Summoning Spirits
By Konstantinos
Softcover, 206 pages

The World of the Jinn & Devils
By Dr. Umar Sulaiman Al-Ashqar
Softcover, 247 pages

By Carol K.Mack & Dinah Mack
Softcover, 296 pages



Modern Magick
By Donald Michael Kraig
Softcover, 521 pages 

 Creating Magickal Entities
By David Michael Cunningham
Softcover, 142 pages 

Homemade Magick
By Lon Milo Duquette
 Softcover, 192 pages 

Practical Protection Magick
By Ellen Dugan
Softcover, 260 pages 

Protection & Reversal Magick
By Jason Miller
Softcover, 215 pages 

The Book of Magick Power
By Jason Augustus Newcomb
Softcover, 250 pages 

History of the Art of Magic
By Alexander Herrmann
Softcover, 145 pages

 The History Of Magic
By Eliphas Levi
Softcover, 612 pages

The Secret Lore of Magic
By Idries Shah
Softcover, 314 pages

High Magic
By Frater U.D
Softcover, 422 pages

Ceremonial Magic
By Israel Regardie
Softcover, 127 pages

Practical Magickal Evocation
By M.McGrath
Softcover, 20 pages

The Magician's Workbook
By Donald Tyson
Softcover, 326 pages

Natural Magic
By Doreen Valiente
Softcover, 184 pages

Altar Magic
By D.j Conway
Softcover, 148 pages

Candle Power
By Cassandra Eason
Softcover, 144 pages

Advanced Candle Magick
By Ray Buckland
Softcover, 265 pages

Practical Color Magick
By Ray Buckland
Softcover, 63 pages

Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic
By Dahl
Softcover, 144 pages

Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World
By Paul Mirecki & Marvin Meyer
 Softcover, 467 pages

Star Gates Ancient Rituals
By Thomas Horn
Softcover, 119 pages

 Magic in Ancient Egypt
By Geraldine Pinch
Softcover, 191 pages

 Egyptian Magic
By E.A Wallis Budge
Softcover, 127 pages

Magnus Egyptian Secrets
By Albertus Magnus
Softcover, 208 pages

 Babylonian Oil Magic
By Samuel Daiches
Softcover, 42 pages

 Priests, Tongues and Rites
By Jacco Dieleman
Softcover, 342 pages

 The Mandaeans
By Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley
Softcover, 200 pages

Arabic Books(ilm Rad al Sehar wa ilaj Al Sehar)

Al Sihar
By Khalid bin Abdul rehman
Softcover, 378 pages

Al Sihar
By Raji al asmar
Softcover, 155 pages

Aalam Al Sihar
By Umar sulaiman
Softcover, 343 pages

Al Sihar wa Al Sihrat
By Tajulldin nofal
Softcover, 96 pages

Haqeqat Al Sihar
By M.Amarah
Softcover, 143 pages

 Haqeqat Al Sihar
By Ibrahim M.Al jamal
Softcover, 158 pages

 Hakayat Al Sihar
By John Kanij
Softcover, 117 pages

 Al Sihar wa Al Hasad
By M.Matwali Al Shayrawi
Softcover, 136 pages

Al Hasad wa Al Hasadon
By Mujdi Fatehi Al Syed
Softcover, 128 pages

Fatah Al Mughes
By Abeda mahir bin saleh
Softcover, 324 pages

Safut Al Bayan
By M. Mehmod abdullah
Softcover, 122 pages

Tibb wa Sihar
By Al daktur bol galionji
Softcover, 118 pages

Ilaj Al Insan man Al Sihar wa Al Shaitan
By Hidiwi Hilawa
Softcover, 132 pages

Ilaj Al Sihar
By Al shaikh baqar M.Ibrahim
Softcover, 159 pages

Bukhoor fe Al Tibb wa Al Sihar
By Al Majidi
Softcover, 504 pages