Ilm e Ramal Books

Rahim Al-Ramal vol: 1
By Abdul Rahim Rind (Bahawalpur, Pakistan)
Paperback 232 pages.

 Rahim Al-Ramal vol: 2
By Abdul Rahim Rind (Bahawalpur, Pakistan)
 Paperback 160 pages.

 Rahim Al-Ramal vol: 3
By Abdul Rahim Rind (Bahawalpur, Pakistan)
 Paperback 190 pages.

 Ilaj ba Ramal
By Abdul Rahim Rind (Bahawalpur, Pakistan)
Paperback 80 pages

Aftab Al-Ramal
By Syed Dildar Hussain Shah (Lakhnow, India)
Hardback, 181 pages.

 Astan e Ramal
By Nazir Ahmed Choudari (Lahore, Pakistan)
Hardback with dust cover, 312 pages.

Jame Al-Ramal
By Pundit Girdhari Lal (Lahore, Pakistan)
Hardback, 274 pages.

 Karishma Ramal
By Molazim Hussain (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Hardback with Dust Cover, 194 pages.

 Ishraq Al-Ramal
By Mehbob Ali Shah (Lakhnow, India)
Hardback, 221 pages.

 Sorkhab Al-Ramal
By Munshi Rakhbeer Singh (India)
Hardcover, 520 pages.

 Misbah Al-Ramal
By Shah Zanjani (Lahore, Pakistan)
Softback, 176 pages.

 Shams Al-Ramal
By Mir Khairat Ali (Lahore, Pakistan)
Softback, 191 pages.

 Israr Al-Ramal
By Agha Ashraf (Lahore, Pakistan)
Softback, 154 pages.

 Lasan Al-ramal
By Abu al-hashim noman qadri
Softcover, 192 pages.


 Mukhbar Taqdeer Vol: 1
   By Pundit Girdhari Lal (Delhi, India)
   Paperback, 136 pages.

  Mukhbar Taqdeer Vol: 2
   By Pundit Girdhari Lal (Delhi, India)
   Paperback, 167 pages.

 Katib e Taqdeer
By Pundit Girdhari Lal (Delhi, India)
 Paperback, 140 pages

 Aina Ramal
   By Pundit Mohan Lal (Lahore)
   Paperback, 86 pages.

 Amli Kitab Ramal
   By Pundit Kirshan Kumar (Amritsar, India)
   Paperback, 140 pages.

Kaleed Dakaik Al-Ramal Vol: 2
   By Munshi Chotay Lal (Bareli, India)
   Paperback, 350 pages.

 Zia Al-Ramal
   By Syed Faqir Hussain Zia (Lahore, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 194 pages.

 Moalam Al-Ramal Vol: 1
   By Hakim Nazar Hussain (Hyderabad, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 288 pages.

 Asbak Al-Ramal
   By Molazim Hussain (Islamabad, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 154 pages.

 Mumtaz Al-Ramal
   By Hakim Noor Saqib (Delhi, India)
   Paperback, 190 pages.

  Purisrar Tehreray
   By Dr. M.A Qureshi (Karachi, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 157 pages.

Astana Ramoz
   By Syed Zulfiqar Hyder (Karachi, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 160 pages.

 Ramal e Ahal e Europe (Napoleon's Book of Fate in Urdu)
   By Translater Muhammad Asmat Allah (Lahore, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 48 pages.

 Khazina Ramal
   By Alama Shad Gelani (Shorkot, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 26 pages.

 Sayr e Ramal
   By Alama Shad Gelani (Shorkot, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 64 pages

 Rohani X-Ray
   By Alama Shad Gelani (Shorkot, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 60 pages.

Tasheel Al-Ramal
   By Rehmat Safi (Lakhnow, India)
   Paperback, 132 pages.

Ateek Al-Ramal
   By M Muhammad Sadik (Lahore, Pakistan)
   Paperback, 205 pages.

 Ilm Ramal
   By Alama Abu Al-Bayan Azad (Delhi, India)
   Paperback, 85 pages.

 Qawaneen Al-Ramal
   By Mirza Mehmod Ali Shafk (Rampur, India)
   Paperback, 48 pages.

 Maydan Al-Ramal
   By Molvi Syed Abu Al-Hassan (Lakhnow, India)
   Paperback, 104 pages.

Mehbob Al-Ramal
   By Zaheer Ahmed Shah (Lahore, Pakistan) 
   Paperback, 152 pages.

Masdak Al-Ramal
   By Munshi Raghbeer Singh (Meerapur, India)
   Paperback, 272 pages.

 ~*~ Ramal Books In Sindhi Language ~*~
Ramal Ja Asool
By Junaid (Hyderabad, Pakistan)
Paperback, 116 pages


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