Modern Magick
By Donald Michael Kraig
Softcover, 521 pages 

 Creating Magickal Entities
By David Michael Cunningham
Softcover, 142 pages 

Homemade Magick
By Lon Milo Duquette
 Softcover, 192 pages 

Practical Protection Magick
By Ellen Dugan
Softcover, 260 pages 

Protection & Reversal Magick
By Jason Miller
Softcover, 215 pages 

The Book of Magick Power
By Jason Augustus Newcomb
Softcover, 250 pages 

History of the Art of Magic
By Alexander Herrmann
Softcover, 145 pages

 The History Of Magic
By Eliphas Levi
Softcover, 612 pages

The Secret Lore of Magic
By Idries Shah
Softcover, 314 pages

High Magic
By Frater U.D
Softcover, 422 pages

Ceremonial Magic
By Israel Regardie
Softcover, 127 pages

Practical Magickal Evocation
By M.McGrath
Softcover, 20 pages

The Magician's Workbook
By Donald Tyson
Softcover, 326 pages

Natural Magic
By Doreen Valiente
Softcover, 184 pages

Altar Magic
By D.j Conway
Softcover, 148 pages

Candle Power
By Cassandra Eason
Softcover, 144 pages

Advanced Candle Magick
By Ray Buckland
Softcover, 265 pages

Practical Color Magick
By Ray Buckland
Softcover, 63 pages